Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just Glad it's Over

So, on Monday night, I took the exam for the WSET Advanced course. I studied for this exam for like weeks! The class is already 10 weeks of instruction (it started in March) and then a 2 hr exam. Which of course, you have to read the book, the powerpoint slides, the study guide...etc in order to have half of an idea of the world of wine and spirits and what may possibly be on the exam.

The exam started with a 15 min blind tasting. The wine was red (which I'm not good at tasting). We had to assess it using the WSET approach, hoping that our instructor got the same nose and felt the same tannins that we did. Then we had to guess what the wine was from the 4 items listed (we all got that one wrong!) and also guess what the price point was. Luckily for us, we all figured that our instructor sticks to mid-priced wine and definitely wouldn't get a high priced wine for us to blind taste for this exam and spit out. Actually, the tasting wasn't all that bad. I was mostly worried about the 4 short answer questions that would be after the 50 multiple choice.

I had reason to be worried! I may be OK with the short answers though because there were 100 total points and I need 55 to pass. I pray that I got at least 55! I definitely think I knew enough to get the necessary correct from the multiple choice part. The question with the map definitely threw me for a loop.

But as I said before, I'm just glad it's over. No need to review and see if what I put was right or whatever. There is nothing I can do about my answers now. I just pray that I passed!!

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