Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Golden Child (or Tardy for the Party)

What a week this has been! 2 huge snow storms, a roof leak, a dead car battery and a computer meltdown...good thing I had Pinotage to help me make it through. Now thanks to the computer meltdown I missed the actual Pinotage party on Twitter but I was able to sit back, with my feet up and enjoy a glass (or 3). When presented with the idea of a Pinotage Party by Dezel of My Vine Spot, I was so in! Being an acquired taste, I've found that most people have a love it or hate it relationship with the varietal. But Pinotage has been a favorite of mine for quite a while with the best examples coming from its originating country, South Africa. My Pinotage pick was a 2006 from Golden Kaan. The deep ruby red color filled my glass and as I swirled and sniffed, aromas of dark fruits, like plums, and hints of earth were present. Then I took a sip…ahh that signature bacon-y flavor of Pinotage. Clocking in at 14% alcohol, this wine also packed a punch. But once settled in the glanced I found soft fruits, soft tannins, plums and kinda gamey and earth-y on the palate. I had some barbecue chicken that I thought would pair well with the smoky flavors of the wine, and I was correct! One bite of chicken, then a sip of wine…amazing! A great wine on a cold night but also a perfect pairing for grilled pork and chicken.

So, I guess it wasn’t a total loss that I couldn’t join the party to tweet how delicious this wine was, I got to sit back and enjoy my culinary skills and my Pinotage. Guess I had a private Pinotage Party.

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  1. Thanks for participating in the Pinotage Party! Looks like you found a good BBQ Chicken food pairing wine @ a good price. I have seen that bottle before so I plan on picking it up and recreating your magic!

    Happy Sipping :-)