Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Aromatic Whites - SWE Conference

Day 6 of wine tasting, and boy am I tired! I've definitely been spitting a lot but the wines are so delicious...and I'm on the metro so some have been enjoyed, even if for the short amount of time before I have to taste the next one.

To start off Friday, I attended a sessions on some of the hottest 'new' white varietals. With so many GenX consumers now getting into wine and trying new things, the wine educator has to move outside of the typical Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc into some newer varietals that will appeal to the younger palates. Being pretty close to GenXers and hosting tastings for them, they like a lighter flavor, aren't swayed as much by big winery names, and are willing to try different things. I have some hot new whites I can't wait to feature at a tasting!

2009 CUNE Monopole (Spain)
Grape: Viura
An exotic bouquet of floral and citrus on the nose lead to crisp pear and melon. Strong acidity and crisp fruit provide a good balance and long finish on this wine.

2009 Ludwig Knoll Silvaner (Germany)
Grape: Silvaner
This slightly fizzy Silvaner is like a cousin to Riesling by its flavors. Honeysuckle and very perfumey in the nose, then you get the peach and pear on the palate. Bits of acidity and a slight fizz make this wine a definite go to for those that want to try something different than Riesling or Moscato.

2008 Nasiakos Mantinia (Greece)
Grape: Moshofilero
A grape I'd never heard of, another to check off my Century Club list, and one I will definitely try again. Again, super aromatic bouquet with jasmine, melon, and citrus. It tasted of a pears and peaches straight from the farm.

2009 Cavalchina Bianco (Italy)
Grapes: Trebbiano, Garganega, Fernanda, Trebbianello
Fruit, fruit and fruit. Melon, lime zest, apple, pear...a chilled fruit cup in a glass.

2009 Cusamano Insolia (Italy)
Grape: Insolia
This glass should have had a paper umbrella in it! It is reminiscent of a drink you would get on a beach in the Caribbean or a cruise ship. Very bright and fruity with exotic tropical fruits like pineapple blending in to a honeyed finish.

My fave wine of the tasting was the Silvaner. Which is surprising since it has a hint of sweetness in it. But, I love the slight fizziness of and the crisp fruit flavor. Stay tuned, The GrapeVine will be tasting a few of the aromatic whites at a wine tasting soon!

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