Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year, A Clean PC

2010 found me with trials, tribulations, and several viruses on my laptop! In my excitement and naivete to get a free iPad, I seemed to have gotten many many free viruses, trojan horses, etc on my PC. Well, this year I'm starting off fresh and clean thanks to ChicaPC-fix!

ChicaLogic is all about women and empowering them for the technological age. It's designed for women, by women that need solutions to technical problems...and need them fast. I clearly need my PC to be bug free and run faster. I downloaded ChicaPC-fix in just seconds. A little while later (not sure exactly how long as got sucked into a Lifetime movie and had a glass of wine) I found out my laptop was near death. I ran the error fix and VOILA! my laptop was restored back to its original greatness. It now moves at lightning speed and there are no more weird pop-up screens. ChicaPC-fix definitely gets my thumbs up for ease of use and speed. If you're not using it on your PC right now, well you're just crazy!

Now if I could just get my email to stop sending out free iPad messages to my ENTIRE address book...

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