Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wine Blogging Wednesday #65 - Snow Day!

I was born and raised in Chicago so I love the snow. I had never heard of a snow day until I went to NC for college...and clearly I didn't think it was that much snow. Then I move to DC were 2 inches of snow and a little freezing rain call for days off work and kids home from school. But the Blizzard of '09 this past December, that was a snow day (or days I should say). Snow started to fall on on Dec 19th and didn't stop until the 21st. Malls were closed, the metro was closed, churches canceled services. And all I could think was...20 inches does not shut down Chi-town! But alas, I was in DC and stuck in the house for 2 days.

So, when I read about the topic of Snow Day for this Wine Blogging Wednesday I was excited. 1) because I knew what a snow day was and 2) this was the first time I found out about the topic before the post was scheduled for submission. Now, even though this isn't really a wine...the first thing that popped into my head was mulled wine! But with the ground still covered in snow and the holidays were still upon us, there is nothing better than a mug of mulled wine with a cinnamon stick poking out. For mine, I'm kinda semi-homemade and use Willams-Sonoma mulling spices, a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, a bottle of shiraz, and a bit of sugar for sweetness. Once my house smells of cloves and's ready!

I pour mine in a glass mug and drop in a cinnamon stick. Then sit on the couch wrapped up in my Snuggie and hope for a Law & Order marathon on TV.

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