Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still In The Spirit

I'm still reeling from the amazing time I had at the Drink Local Wine Conference this past weekend! Still excited about all the things I learned, all the people I met...and most importantly...all the PHENOMENAL Virginia wines I had the pleasure of drinking. Trying to recapture some of the joy from the weekend, I figured I'd go out for dinner and have some wine.

I ended up at Kitchen in DC where they have 'Half off Bottle' night. Great! I get the wine list and what do you know, Horton Vineyards Cabernet Franc AND Norton was on the list!! VA wines made this DC wine list! Clearly I'm going to drink local, so I went with the 2005 Norton. We were not disappointed. Tart cherries and dark fruits were on the palate from the native Virginia grape. Also tasted a bit of oak and spice on the finish. The official Horton tasting notes state that the Norton is aged in oak for over 14 months. Recommended pairings are grilled sausages, game and spicy ethnic foods. I had grilled catfish which may have been an ideal pairing for a lighter white wine...I wanted the Norton and enjoyed it just fine!

Virginia wines making the DC wine list...I'm telling you, VA wines are not to be missed! Drink Local!

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