Monday, May 17, 2010

Learning a Thing or Two

I've been hosting The GrapeVine Tasting Club for about 6 months now. Each month I know to expect a different crowd, with different tastes, different levels of knowledge. But for North vs South, I got a nice little surprise....

One of my faithful tasting club members was very interested in a wine I ended up not using for the tasting and so she asked to try it. I can never say no to someone who wants to try a new wine! So I gave it to her with the condition that she provided me with a few tasting notes. I think she's been actually paying attention to me these past few months ;-)

Not bad for a $9 wine!! Definitely has a lot of tannins. I like that. Dark fruity taste. Nice dark color. Peppery. Smelling it brings to mind smoke. I tried it when I first opened the bottle. Then tried it with an aerator. I like both ways. Stronger when first opened. After with the aerator, lighter. Something to drink with red meat but I would like it with a spicy Arrabiatta sauce (insert Homer's drool). Definitely wouldn't have picked this out of a line up.

What can I add to that? Only that she's talking about the Pisano Cisplatino from Uruguay 60% Tannat, 40% Merlot. Thanks for the great review!!

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  1. In my experience correlating increasing ripeness of grapes with increasing sweetness is not necessarily valid. It is of course valid *before* fermentation commences. Residual sweetness is largely a function of the completeness of fermentation; a Sp├Ątlese can be dry as a bone, albeit with more extract and fruit than say a Kabinett.