Sunday, August 15, 2010

Go For The Gold

I often pay attention to wine scores and awards that certain wines/wineries have, but this week I was on the other side of things. I was a judge for the Maryland Governor's Cup Wine Competition! Yeah, OK, I was a little bit excited. Excited at the honor of being chosen, excited because of the amazing wines I'd be able taste, excited to be a part of given Maryland wines some much needed accolades and recognition. So at about 10AM this morning I sat at my table and waited for the first flight.

Clearly I can't give too many details because the final scores aren't out yet. But I will say that I found some real gems after going through 6 flights! Apple wines, chambourcin, meritage blends, sangiovese, roses, and white blends came across my table. Not even sure how many wines were tasted total as each flight had different amounts. Maryland really produced some amazing wines and sent their best stuff to be judged. Stay tuned for the final update once the medals have been awarded!

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