Friday, August 27, 2010

Making Up for Lost Time

It's Friday night and I'm out with the girls on the patio of Market Bar in ChicagoBold. They have wine!! And nothing says patio wine like a crisp rose. The sole rose on the menu was Zoe Rose from Greece. Always being one to try something new, I ordered it. Wine the color of cherries came to the table. And it was DELISH, a floral bouquet in glass!! While it did have tart flavors of red cherries, it also had notes of cranberry, strawberry and a little lemon zest. The bright, crisp acidity made it a perfect wine to break my wine 'fast' and even better for the patio. My girl took a sip, and she was sold too! Clearly this is what I'd be sipping all night. Which is a great thing because we had a little incident with vodka the night before. (That's a whole 'nother story!)

I went home to get a little more information on the wine, more importantly where I could get it from. The wine is from Domaine Skouras in Peloponnese, Greece and made from the regional grapes Agiortgitiko and Moscofilero. Funny that I picked a wine with moscofilero as it's a grape I was just introduced to and fell in love with a few weeks ago. Such a soft, perfumey aroma. And available in several wine shops around the Chicago area, this wine is retailing for about $9 - $12. A steal for a great rose that I would drink all year long! If only I can find it around here....

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