Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tweet Tweet!

I love Twitter! Well, now that I know how to use it...I love it. Because at first I was not a big fan. Just sending out random thoughts and comments in hopes that maybe someone will hear you and possibly, maybe, hopefully respond back. It was really like having a conversation with yourself, always a good time. But now that I've met other wine professionals and wine bloggers, twitter is great! I participated in 2 Twitter tastings this week, one for the wines of NY, and one for the red wines of Argentina. Already being really familiar with Argentine wines, I was definitely excited going into this one. But I was very impressed with the wines of NY.

Under the hashtag #tasteny, we went through a tasting of a 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, NV Red, and 2007 9 Barrels Reserve Merlot. The Sauvignon Blanc was very light and crisp with good acidity and citrus notes. I didn't get a lot of those grassy notes that are characteristic of SB, which is good since I don't like those flavors. This went well with the cheeses and crackers that were available during the tasting. The 9 Barrels Merlot had a nice cherry cola flavor with a bit of herbs and figs. Since I'm not as familiar with producers or the wines of Fingers Lake, NY, this tasting was especially helpful for me and of course it's always better to taste with and discuss wines among wine lovers. But the true highlight of the evening was opening of the Chateau Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape as a celebration for our host's new job. And celebrate we did! Made from all 13 of the accepted CdP grape varieties, this is a very earthy dark red wine. Red fruits and spice on the nose with leather, pepper and licorice on the palate.

Next day was the tasting of red wines from Argentina! It's so nice to know people that are in the biz because they know about these tastings...and have the wine. This tasting had 6 or 7 different wines, most of them malbec or malbec was a part of the blend. I was intrigued by the merlot from Luiga Bosca. But my favorite of the night was the Bodegas Norton Privada. It had a nice spicy, earthy thing going on with loads of dark cherries and plums. My host was nice enough to let me take this bottle home. She's alright with me! For other wines tasted and wine notes, see the hashtag #winesofargentina #ttl

Virtually tasting wine with other people all across the US is a different kind of idea but it's really catching on. Hearing in real-time what other people think of the wines, and also being exposed to a people that you wouldn't have met or have anything in common with otherwise... I mean seriously, the internet really brings people together!

I'm looking forward to the next tasting, maybe I'll even host one soon myself!

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