Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Art of Wine

Ever talk to a group of people and they just look back at you with that blank stare? Well, I got the exact opposite from the guests at this tasting! There are plenty of times when I'll ask for comments, questions, a little crowd interaction...yet I get nothing. This group was vocal and I so enjoyed them!

I was the 'wine speaker' along with Carafe WineMakers for an art and wine show at Madly Living a B&B in Southern MD. Since it was the week before the 4th of July I talked about Grapes & the Grill. A few wines that are perfect for patio sippin', picnics, and anything off the grill. We started with a Prosecco that was served to guests as they arrived. But the first wine of the formal tasting was a Sauvignon Blanc from Carafe WineMakers in VA, a Rose from Brown Estate in CA, Splash (a blackberry merlot) from Carafe WineMakers, and a red Zinfandel from Brown Estate.
After I explained the concept of swirl, sniff, sip...the crowd took it from there. They were so interactive providing comments on aromas and flavors of the wines. A couple of times they got a little fancy, like granny smith apple, rhubarb, ripe strawberries. Juicy juice was my fav description. I'm wondering what kinds of descriptions they'll come up with next month. I think we'll taste through some blends.

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