Monday, June 28, 2010

I'll Have a C Sharp With That

I am all for trying new wine pairings, what wine tastes best with certain cheeses, random dishes that I make, sauces, etc. But hearing about Notaviva Vineyards Wine & Music pairing event was a new one on me. I was invited to this event by a fellow wine blogger from VA and I am not one to turn down a wine tasting event invitation.

So we took the Saturday night trip to Purcelville, VA down a gravel back road to Notaviva Vineyards. The idea or thought behind this tasting was that wine puts you in a certain mood and evokes certain feelings and so does music, so why not put the two together. The concept makes sense so I was interested to see how this thing would go. We'd have 5 wines and each wine would be paired with 10 music tracks. We were to decide which track we thought went best with the wine. Not feelings or thoughts based on what music genre you like...but how you FEEL when you hear each song.

A bit weird at first, like I just didn't 'get it'. I totally enjoyed the wine but was having a bit of trouble deciding it's musical pairing. Like the first wine was a white with peach and honeysuckle notes...50 Cent 'In Da Club' was playing. Liked the song, bobbed my head...not a great match. By the 4th wine though, I was kinda into it. The 4th and 5th were reds and I felt they needed a certain type of song to match their flavor. The 4th wine, a cab franc with it's blackberry and dark fruit flavors was a bit racy and needed a quick paced upbeat song. What's that playing over the speakers, the theme from Zorro! Perfect! Sexyback by Justin Timberlake was a choice for the 5th wine, a Chambourcin. I'll admit, this one I picked just because I liked the song.

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