Friday, June 11, 2010

Toast of the Town

I am a loyal reader of Wine Enthusiast magazine. And much to my BF's dismay I've kept most of the issues and they are neatly stacked next to my cable box. (Mags in the stack go back a couple of years.) So I've always seen the ads for Toast of the Town, but never quite got it together to go. Not so this year! I was able to volunteer with setup for the event through the Washington Wine Academy and they gave me a free ticket to the event as a thank you. What a thank you! The goodie bag alone was completely worth it.

Toast of the Town is an annual wine gala put on by Wine Enthusiast. Held in multiple cities, the DC event is the last one of this tour and was at the National Building Museum Friday night. The gala featured over 500 wines and spirits and 25 restaurants served signature dishes.

Unfortunately I had a work event tonight as well so I arrived late. Too late for the food which was kinda what I was most excited about :-( But alas, I just ran around and tasted as much wine as I could in the time I had. Some wines of note were the Greek wines from Nestor Imports. Their Assyrtiko and the Malagousia-Moscato wines took 2 more grapes off my Wine Century Club list. The Assyrtiko was crisp and clean with hints of citrus zest. And since this wine is sold at Whole Foods, it will be added to my list of great summer wines. Virginia wines held their own at this gala. Corcoran's 2008 Malbec, Chrysalis' 2005 Locksley Reserve Norton, and Boxwood Winery's 2007 Topiary Blend all get rave reviews from me. I hope to find them in a local wine shop soon.Since food and drink is not enough, the David Bach Quarter played cool jazz all night long. The electric slide broke out on the dance floor at the end of the night...I think the 500+ drink offerings had something to do with that. I drank a little, got a goodie bag, saw some old friends and wine buddies, all in all it was a great night. Next year I will definitely go back, and go early.

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