Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Wine for the Storm

So, today was the 1st of 3 scheduled shifts at Harris Teeter to do the Bordeaux promotion. I was all excited to go and pour, and sample, a few of the Bordeaux they had to offer. Unfortunately, a colleague of mine that did the promotion on that Friday had cleaned them out!! My go-to wines from Mouton Cadet were completely sold out! With what was left, I could only display 2 wines. For tasting I had the Collection des Chateaux which is actually made from the best grapes in Bordeaux from many chateaux and blended to make this 'collection'. This wine was very rich in flavor, tasting of raspberry and plums. Light tannins gave it a nice finish and it was smooth going down. Chateau du Bousquet was served alongside the Collection, a fairly thin wine which was surprising since Bordeaux wines are usually so big. Hints of pepper and flowers. Very earthy, a characteristic of French wines.

My sales weren't too great today. But in my defense, I only served samples to like 15 people. Maybe people didn't want to taste wine or buy it on a Sunday. And there was a thunderstorm that occurred during my demo. It didn't effect me in the least, it had stopped by the time I left. Maybe people didn't want to come out for groceries with that going on...who knows!

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