Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cuckoo for Cocktails

Clearly I'm a wine drinker, but sometimes my palate wants a little something different. Which seemed to be the case this weekend. Perhaps since it was so hot, only a drink with some ice would do the trick. Either way, starting from Friday until today, cocktails were the drinks of choice.

Friday night I was lucky enough to have tix to see Jill Scott and Maxwell in concert. My girlfriend's husband wanted her to get out and enjoy herself before the baby comes so he scored the tix for us. It was a surprise for her...and it actually worked! She had no idea and was so excited! Before the show we went to Coco Sala for dinner. The 1st cocktail on the list caught my eye, the Alisar - cucumbers, vodka, and lime juice. This drink was absolutely amazing! It just had a slight hint of the cucumber flavor, but the tartness of the lime juice and the vodka...well you know how that tastes.

Saturday was 'Get my house in order day' so I did just that. I had a little sweet tea vodka and lemonade to help me with the tasks at hand.

Sunday I had a mimosa for brunch at Ulah Bistro to go with my crab & brie omelet. Then later on met up with a friend at Ping Pong Dim Sum for happy hour and had a kumquat mojito. Harris Teeter has a special on kumquats, I will be going back for some!

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